Voodoo Vixen Jade Cat swing dress in green

There is no better way to start off a fashion blog by writing about a new dress, right?

I unexpectedly got some money back so I decided to treat myself on a dress that I’ve been eyeing for years. It came in yesterday!

First let me say that the colour is my absolute favourite – it is so hard to get nice green clothes and yet they seem to suit every skin tone. The cat print is adooorable (I’m a massive crazy cat lady) and the teal accents compliment my hair colour very nicely.

I love the neckline as well and it has pockets too! They are quite roomy so perfect to put your phone, your lipstick or your money in. The scalloped edge on the neckline, the sleeves and the pockets are a nice attention to detail.

I decided to pair it with a black belt for some extra definition at the waist, black heels and a big bow in my hair as a subtle nudge to cat ears. I really gotta make myself a cat ear headdress soon!

I already own a dress by Voodoo Vixen (surprisingly also with a cat print on it) and this dress is made of the same sturdy cotton fabric. I opted to size down this time, as the measurements stated that a size Medium (my usual size) would be too loose on the waist. This is a problem I experience often since I have an hourglass figure and most clothes are too straight for me.

If you have an hourglass figure I would not recommend to size down but instead just belt it at the waist. This dress is just a bit too tight for me around my arms. It doesn’t bother me enough to go through the hassle of sending it back, but if I buy this brand in the future I will definitely keep it in mind.

The dress also comes in turquoise and red.

Dress: Vixen Jade Cat Swing Dress @

Shoes: black Nick of Time @

All opinions are my own. I am not paid or sponsored in any way.

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