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Brace yourselves – winter is coming!

Socks: Extraordinary Elemental Stripes in Glacier // SockDreams
Shoes: Abigail’s Party // Irregular Choice

No. It isn’t. But this is going to be a long post about everyone’s forgotten wardrobe item: socks! I really love socks and when I was a teenager I used to wear stripey socks every day. Now I did have a questionable fashion sense as a teenager, but the socks have made a return in my wardrobe!
I’ve been looking for some nice good quality stripey socks for a long time but they are hard to find instore. When I did find some, the colour choices were often boring and predictable (read: black/red, black/pink, black/white, black/purple, etc)

A while ago, I decided to buy some online from SockDreams. I ordered three pairs, and had to pay over 20 euros of customs fees on them. That kind of kept me from buying more, so I just enjoyed the socks I had. They’re still some of my favourites!

However, SockDreams noticed my stripey goodness on Instagram so they sent me a lovely message asking me to collaborate with them. I was over the moon! They sent me a lot of socks in all the colours of the rainbow to try out for you. Of course I couldn’t resist to put on some nice shoes too!
If you like these – use my special discount code FairytaleStockings to get 20% off on all of these styles. The discount code is valid until June 5th.

Socks: Extraordinary Gradient Stripes in Teal/Spice // SockDreams
Shoes: Bloom Beauty // Irregular Choice/The Little Shop of Colours

These are some of my personal favourites. I really dig the unusual colour combination, the gradient is really something different, and the fit is just amazing. They’re really warm and stretchy, they aren’t too wide around my ankles and they still fit my thunder thighs.

Socks: N Stripes Purple/Lime // SockDreams
Shoes: Teeze // Bordello
Socks: N Stripes Royal/Light Blue // SockDreams
Shoes: Funtasma
Socks: N Stripes Kelly/Lime // SockDreams
Shoes: Lazy River Pink // Irregular Choice

For nylon socks, the N stripes are pretty good quality, sturdy, thick and they’re very long too. However, I don’t really like them that much because they are a bit too tight on my thighs and also have a tendency to roll down. Even with skin glue, these still won’t stick to my thighs. They really need at least a garter belt to stay up. which is a bit of a hassle, and they hurt my thighs a bit after wearing them for a whole day. These might be more suitable for people with thinner thighs than I have and I would definitely not recommend them for plus size gals.

Socks: Dreamy Knees Peacock // SockDreams
Shoes: Smartie Pants // Irregular Choice
Socks: Dreamy Knees Peacock // SockDreams
Shoes: Nick of Time // Irregular Choice

Dreamy Knees are really nice and I love all the rainbowish colourways they come in. They’re just a little bit too short to my liking as I personally prefer thigh highs, but they’re nonetheless cute! They’re a little bit thinner and less soft than the Extraordinary Gradient Stripes, but they still fit quite well and with a bit of sock glue, they stay up too. I’m definitely going to be wearing these quite a lot.

Socks: Extraordinary Longer Harvest Rainbow // SockDreams
Shoes: Razzle’s 2nd Dazzle // Irregular Choice
Socks: Extraordinary Longer Striped Black/Teal // SockDreams
Shoes: Nick of Time // Irregular Choice
Socks: Extraordinary Longer Striped Steel/Light Blue // SockDreams
Shoes: Final Bow Glitter // Irregular Choice/Schuh

Oh. My. God. These socks are amazing!! They feel the same as the Extraordinary Gradient Stripes, but they’re longer. The fit is absolutely perfect and they’re so nice and soft and warm and gahh, I’m in love! They fit all the way up to my crotch and I think I’m just gonna live in these. I’m especially fond of the Harvest Rainbow colourway – so fairy-like! I think I need these in every colourway. Love!

Socks: Rainbow Dreams Pastel Rainbow // SockDreams
Shoes: Lazy River // Irregular Choice

These remind me of the Dreamy Knees a bit. And I love love love the colour. However, they do tend to sag around my ankles and they have the tendency to roll down, but they aren’t long enough to wear with my garter belt, which kind of sucks. I’ve found that the best way to wear them is to fold a cuff just below the knee and use a bit of skin glue to stick the cuff to your legs.

Socks: Key Lime Stripes // SockDreams
Shoes: Ban Joe // Irregular Choice

These are similar to the Rainbow Dreams. I like this colourway though, it reminds me of spring!

Socks: Dreamer Vertical Mermaid Stripes // SockDreams
Shoes: Smartie Pants // Irregular Choice

These are also a a favourite of mine. The vertical stripes give me legs for days! The quality is very good, they’re soft, comfy and stretchy, they fit perfectly and they’re so vibrant! They’re really a show stopper. I wish they made these in more colourways because I want them all.

Socks: Extraordinary Elemental Stripes / Glacier // SockDreams
Shoes: Final Bow Glitter // Irregular Choice/Schuh

I already bought these in the Zephyr colourway. The quality and feel is similar to the rest of the Extraordinary line and I really love it. They’re shorter than the others, which is why I haven’t put them next to the others. I love this colourway, they look very wintery and they match my Final Bows nicely!

Socks: M Stripes Dark Red/Fuchsia // SockDreams
Shoes: Bloom Beauty // Irregular Choice/The Little Shop Of Colours

I really like these. They’re similar to the Dreamy Knees but they’re very long! They’re a bit tight across my thighs but they stay up nicely with garters. They remind me of the Cheshire Cat and I feel like now that I have these, I need to make a costume to match. What do you think?

That concludes this long long post. I got sent these socks for free to try out and review, but all opinions are honest and my own. These socks really have brightened my life a bit in a very trying and difficult time and I’m very happy with them, and I have worn them a lot since I got them. I do feel that they really spice up my outfits and they’re definitely a welcome addition to my already quite extensive wardrobe. Remember, if you’re feeling stripey, you can get 20% off on all these styles with the code FairytaleStockings.


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